The Course

STARTS SATURDAY 28th SEPTEMBER 2024 AT 9.00 am UK time for 3 weeks (each Saturday)

3 x 90 minute workshops including practical application

Dive into the transformative power of Kundalini energy, and discover how to harness it to elevate your communication skills, alchemy, healing practices, and problem-solving abilities.

Working with your Kundalini, your physical and spiritual centre gives you access to working with all four of your layers of existence at the same time as well as your light code DNA the suitcase you packed before you came.

Interested in channelling your communications to its fullest extent, this is where it is done from? Interested in working with your own Ark of Covenant, your own greater purpose and the covenants of other life forms? This is where we can work with alchemy and covenants together. Interested in working with Akashic codes and patterns for healing in the modern age, this is where we can access it all.

Whether you're a healer seeking to amplify your therapeutic impact or someone keen on mastering the art of clear and compassionate communication, this journey offers tools for growth and transformation. Apply these teachings to real-world scenarios and watch as doors open to more harmonious and effective interactions, promoting both personal growth and healing in all aspects of life.

What you will learn

STARTS SATURDAY 28th SEPTEMBER 2024 AT 9.00am UK time for 3 weeks

*Learning to work with the Kundalini & convenance of people, animals and nature

*Awakening your spiritual & physical centre, learning to keep it viable & energised

*Deconflicting yours and others kundalini, lifting the suitcase luggage that no longer serves

*Ensuring your Gatekeeper is at the centre of your maintenance

*Working with alchemy across all four layers of existence from this place

*Accessing next level Akashic healing

*Working with the fullest extent and function of your light code DNA

*Using the Contracts, Karma, Ancestral, Akashic tools for yours and others benefit

*Channelling long and detailed communications from other consciousness

*Enhancing your instincts from this centre to enhance all communications

*Connecting your own collective conscious to this centre for enhanced support

And more.......

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Your Teacher trainer

Claire Walker is not only a qualified Teacher trainer but also a seasoned Spiritual Life Coach & Mentor, and vibrant practitioner who deeply understands the transformative power of intuition.

Drawing from her profound eight-year journey in mentoring therapists, energy workers, and professionals across diverse sectors, Claire invites you to unlock the doors to self-discovery and professional growth. She stands as an ally, guiding you with an attuned presence to honor your unique spiritual blueprint. Her approach is tailored, grounded, and deeply connected to the wisdom of your personal guides, ensuring that the tools and insights you acquire are perfectly aligned with your highest path.

Claire's dedication to her craft and the palpable results of her work are reflected in the multitude of success stories from those she has inspired and empowered.