The Course

The Course is a combination of -

4 x 90 minute Workshops covering each of 4 Modules every 2 weeks

Research, study & development in-between Modules

Questions & Answer sections for each Module with a 60% pass mark

A single 60 minute 121 session included at the conclusion of Module 4 to help the student consolidate & integrate

The course is certificated upon completion.

The first workshop STARTS FRIDAY 5TH APRIL 2024 AT 9.00 am UK time, each Module will be lead by a live workshop and followed up by the research, development & study that will enable the answering of each Modules set of Questions.

The following workshops will be held on Friday 19th April, 3rd May and 17th May 2024. (These are subject to change if the students agree another suitable time for everyone).

Dive into the world of Spiritual Life Coaching bringing expertise, & the deepest wisdom & philosophy to your existing Practice as a Practitioner, Therapist, Energy worker, Healer, Animal and Nature Medium, or use it as the starting point for your own bespoke Practice.

This is an ideal training & certification to compliment your existing specialisms and skillset, recognised by insurance as a profession in its own right, providing additional professionalism to your craft, or alternatively using it to get started in your new Practice.

Course Content

Module 1

Introduction to Spiritual Life Coaching

An overview and structure to working for the Practitioner

Best Practice, Professional terms & policies

Ethics & Standards, Governing bodies

Coaching Methods including Menu options

Module 2

The Philosophies, Teachings & Teachers behind Spiritual Life Coaching

The overview of widespread & diverse philosophies, beliefs and cultures that overlap with each other & their tools

The History of Alchemy up to and including current advancements

Module 3

Coaching Methods & Session structure

The Science & Metaphysics that sit behind our toolkits

Bringing alchemy & intention into goals & planning

The diverse and wide approaches to working with our Purpose

Techniques for working on the release of conflict & finding truth

Working with your clients Key States

Module 4

Creating the space and connections for Spiritual Life Coaching

Spiritual Connection & Teaching methods

Creating a Universal Practice

Other Universal Laws that support us

Creating the boundaries & protection techniques needed to work effectively

Indoctrination Vs Free will

Case Studies (Trainers)

Plus - 121 Session with Claire Walker to consolidate & integrate

This course is closed for enrollment.