Becoming a Nature Medium

Nature is an aspect of life that lives in its truth; life is tricky, bumpy, overwhelming and difficult to navigate; join it with nature and we can find our centre, our own truth, our symmetry again.

Learning to communicate and connect with nature allows us to share our secrets together and enjoy the magic of such a wonderful relationship & community that allows us to look after each other.

Being at one with Nature & how it can help us navigate life

Nature is the purest representation of symmetry. This doesn’t mean that the two sides of a tree or animal are exactly the same as it happens with the symmetry of a geometric figure. What it means is that trees are trees, horses are horses, dogs are dogs, roses are roses and so on. They don’t try to be anything else. They are simply true to what they came here to be.

When we feel we are not good enough, or we need to get things a certain way or be with certain people in order to be more than we already are, our world mirrors that need, so we are always in need. Like the funhouse mirrors in a fair, it’s showing you a distorted version of your perfectly symmetrical divine nature.

Work together & live in that symmetry.

Transform the way you navigate your life

The exciting news is that you have all the tools within you to form & develop this relationship.

Using the basic principles of Intuition, this programme will help you connect with yourself differently to understand YOU better first, then help you to create the bridge and connection to other layers of conscious in the natural world, enabling you to work more closely with them, finding your own specialisms and expertise too if that's something sought.

What you'll gain

In the programme, you will learn to:

  • Discover your five consciousnesses and how to work with them as a collective team (yes, you have more than one!|)
  • Identify the distorted and symmetrical patterns in life
  • Find your neutral and balance to connect with your intuition and trust the answers you receive daily
  • Understand the basic principles of energetic alchemy and how to use 
  • Enable a connection with the elemental realm as a base to work with all the elements of nature & alchemise it into your work
  • Enable a connection with Gaia to work with all the elements of mother nature, alchemising it into your work
  • Understanding natures layers of existence
  • Working with distortion to an atomic and cellular level
  • The ability to work & connect with all life forms and their frequency
  • The ability to work alongside & communicate with spiritual guides
  • The ability to use alchemy & your connections for healing, balance, regeneration & growth
  • Access to the Intuitive You Members area for the duration of the course, including all practice areas & support tools to aid your learning
  • The option to gain a certificate in all that you have learnt.

What to expect

The 6 week course will be run as a practical small group workshop over 6 x 90-minute sessions starting Tuesday 3rd September 2024 at 7.30pm UK time & then every Tuesday evening for the 6 weeks.

There are just 8 spaces available with mentoring support by experienced and advanced practitioners in this field, each of them bringing their own specialisms and expertise to the core curriculum.

This is an online course which will also be recorded for the students reference later.

To book your space, scroll down and click Enrol Now.

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About the Founder of the Intuitive You Academy

Claire Walker is a qualified Spiritual Life Coach & Mentor specialising in Intuition, specifically the Intuitive development of others. Claire's been working in this capacity full time for 9 years, and has a professional background, retiring early as a Police Officer, where she spent 22 years, mainly specialising in Serious and Organised Crime, Claire's most fulfilling work she feels was working in the field of Human Trafficking.

Claire is highly experienced in supporting those on a journey of self discovery as well as therapists, practitioners & energy workers in a variety of professions & modalities with expanding their toolkits & intuitive senses.

In addition, Claire’s an excellent guide to have alongside you on your journey, Claire is highly experienced in helping you to open the right doors for you, at the right time, to follow the route that’s in your own highest interests and not anyone else’s, to learn and build the tools that are right for you, also if relevant to seek alternative mentors & practices that are beneficial for you.

The work & outcomes that Claire has achieved during the last 9 years can be evidenced by the case studies and testimonies of those she's supported during this time (See website Her work is pioneering and has come together utilising the skills she seeks to teach & share with others.