As a student of the school you will discover more about your own journey of self discovery perhaps at a depth and level not previously available for you to explore. It will open the door to tools that you already have but haven't been shown how to use yet.

As a Therapist, practitioner or energy worker you will add to your toolkit and sphere of influence, accessing a deeper source of information and solution for those you're seeking to help, at the same time expanding your own sense of self.

Allowing Intuition into your sphere of influence can mean that life's experience can be so much smoother, easier, harmonious, it can remove, avoid & minimise the difficulties & challenges life can throw at you, it can help you to thrive & reach your potential.

Investing time, energy & money in yourself and any of the courses, programmes & products available here starts to set & embed the intention of your path ahead, the path and place that's in your highest interests to be.....intention is such a powerful step forward. Ask yourself of the timing and the curiosity that led you to the school and it's synchronicity.

Please note that you can sign up for the school & be added to our students mailing list, handy to see the growing options available, but you will still need to enroll in specific courses and mentoring products of your choice to access the content.

“She will always go above and beyond to help”

It’s been over a year since I met Claire and she started mentoring me on my intuitive journey. I had previously been studying a lot about self-development but nothing resonated with me as much as the information and guidance I received from Claire. I’ve found that with dedication, trust, persistance and willingness to use all the knowledge and tools Claire has given me, I have been able to move forwards in a way I would have never imagined. Claire is also a giver, so she will always go above and beyond to help and advise. I feel so privileged that we crossed paths and blessed for having her as a mentor.


Hi, I’m Claire Walker

I'm a mentor specialising in Intuition, specifically the Intuitive development in others. I've been working in this capacity for 8 years, I have a professional background, retiring early as a Police Officer, where my most fulfilling work was working to dismantle Human Trafficking rings across Europe to the UK. 

I'm highly experienced in supporting therapists, practitioners & energy workers in a variety of professions & modalities with expanding their toolkits & intuitive senses, I'm familiar with supporting professionals from a wide variety of services to support their own professional growth beyond that which they can access from other mainstream sources, I'm also an excellent guide to have alongside you on your journey of self-discovery, experienced in helping you to open the right doors for you, at the right time, to follow the route that’s in your own highest interests, to learn and build the tools that are right for you.

The work & outcomes that I have achieved during the last 8 years can be evidenced by the case studies and testimonies of those I've supported ( I recognise that this work has come together utilising the skills I seek to teach & share with others.