About the Programme

This programme is specifically designed for Practitioners who are dedicated to helping or working with people, animals, land or natures energy & frequency, as well as those on a deeper journey of self discovery.

This programme gives the practitioner an existence overview, providing them with the tools that look at life forms & their existence at every level & layer, looking at their natural footprint & being able to identify when distortion at any of those layers and levels is supressing their growth, life experience & general ability to thrive.

This programme includes teaching simple & more advanced methods of assessment, which can be used in your own practice, identifying the issues & then expanding your problem-solving tools that work at this level of assessment.

This programme isn't just about identifying the issues that may prevent growth or the ability to flourish as nature intended, it's about also recognising the steps and implementing those that encourage the alignment with natural growth and symmetry. This enables nature and life forms to truly thrive, including in their relationships with others.

Ascension work takes the Practitioner into the overview of the quantum field, the frequency field that holds a being, animal or life forms whole existence. From this overview we're able to use certain intuitive based tools to assess the whole picture for them, enabling us to restore, build & expand their position and therefore their stronger foundations for growth & ascension of their energies.

This programme is certificated and evidence of competency is reflected in the case study building. Claire can supply a large selection of case study students from her volunteers group if needed.

This work benefits the practitioner too, attracting those clients to them with whom this relates, as well as creating a high frequency based experience of life in every way.

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Course Content

A 3 month mentoring programme with wrap around support consisting of at least 16 hours of tuition, 6 workshops & 4 x 121's

Week 1 – The Path of Ascension Group workshop 2hrs

Includes – Intro to EINAR an intuitive problem solving tool; Dimensional working; Understanding the spiritual body, Topology & life pattern expansion

Week 2 - 121 session (Your Ascension Path) - Book in 121

Week 3 – Higher self, Quantum Field & Existence related workshop 2hrs

Includes – Parallel lives, Other life times, Origins, Ancestral lines & Soul Group working. Distortion lifting, projecting a clean energy, creating time symmetry

Week 4 - 121 Session (Your Ascension Path) Book in 121

Week 5 – Collective Conscious & Dimensional Relationships Workshop 2hrs

Includes – Reaching balance with your collective conscious prior to 5th frequency change; working consciously from other dimensions – Elemental/Angelic/Light

Week 6 - 121 Session (Your Ascension Path) Book in 121

Week 7 – The Ehyeh (5th frequency) Group Workshop 2hrs

Includes – Advanced alchemy, reaching the 6th frequency, creating duplicate etherics (double skin), Remote view & Body scanning, creating the EINAR healing tool

Week 8 – 121 Session (Your Ascension Path) – Book in 121

Week 9 – Assessing & Solving all life forms re Healing & Balance at whole Existence level workshop 2 hrs

Week 10 - Case study building Stage 1 Assessing & Restoring Balance - Case study Q & A’s

Week 11 – Case study building Stage 1 – Free time to build and collate

Week 12 - Assessing & Solving all life forms re Growth at whole existence level workshop 2hrs

Week 13 – Case study building Stage 2 Growth & Ascension – Case study Q & A’s

Week 14 – Case study building stage 2 – Free time to build & collate

Week 15 - Case Study evaluation & submission - Certification