How does your Mind support you Intuitively?

Do you doubt yourself & suffer from a lack of self belief, self confidence, self worth? Are you trying to progress and move forwards in life but these aspects about yourself are holding you back?

Are you someone exploring your energy & intuition but find your own head thoughts interfering?

Do you find even when you're meditating that you can't keep your own head quiet, or you find it hard to find any silence?

Our Mind is an important part of our conscious and we should be in control of it, not the other way round.

Having a dominant mind can mean that your head is constantly chattering & on the go, but when we create head space, this is the time when we can receive some of our best ideas and solutions, when we can see things more clearly, it's a time when we can use our intuition in a reliable purposeful way.

Our Mind is an important part of our collective conscious, when it plays an equal part and supports us rather than taking over, we can experience a stronger sense of self, and if we're working intuitively with any kind of work or decision making we can detach more easily from our Mind's interference.

Likewise if we're someone trying to work with or learn about using our sensory & intuitive communications, detaching ourselves from Mind & Ego's conscious interference & domination, can make the difference of being able to work with those communications or not.

Working with this series of Meditations for Mind helps us to take back control of our own power from Mind, it can liberate us from any domination, at the same time providing Mind with the tools & support to become our best advisor.

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