How does your Higher self support you Intuitively?

Each of our conscious layers holds their own expertise & role, with the ability to also hold their own qwerks & restrictions.

They can be supportive, our best advisor, and incredible team player, they also have the ability to be a dominant part of us who feels they need to take control often making us their passenger.

If we were to compare these layers of consciousness to slices of a pie, it can often be that we are found to be working with just one or two dominant slices rather than the whole pie! The whole pie allowing us to see the depth and detail of the whole picture rather than just a part of it.

When working with our intuition & navigating life day to day we benefit hugely from working without interference and distraction from dominant parts of our conscious, we also benefit from being able to receive and sense the whole picture that the collective conscious can bring to us as a team, or a whole pie.

As a layer of our collective conscious how can Higher self's conscious influence us, and our sense of self as well as effect our ability to work with our intuition and wider connections, in fact are we listening & tuned into Higher self at all?

How much are you being naturally guided towards those people who help bring out the best in you? I'm talking about your community, your tribe, these are the relationships that will prove strongest to you in your lifetime. Is Higher self even able to be heard amongst the other influences within your conscious layers? How can we work with Higher self more closely and help them become the best advisor possible within our conscious, the best team player alongside, mind, body, ego & soul?

Many of us have too much head chatter to even hear higher self and their abundance of wisdom.

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